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Microsoft Doubled Cloud Data Center Capacity in Europe

Microsoft Doubled Cloud Data Center Capacity in Europe in Past Year Continuing to mount its offensive in the cloud services market against Amazon Web Services, Microsoft announced today plans to launch multiple cloud data centers in France, starting next year. AWS said it was planning to do the same last week. In the same announcement, […]


3D Cloud world and cloud computing today

Presently we’re within the decade of the Cloud, once we’re seeing a dimensional movement from a second on-prem world to a 3D Cloud world. Servers increasing to the final population Cloud rise higher than the virtualization alternative. equally nobody is bothered that servers square measure running within the Cloud no one is bothered the hypervisor, […]


Best Laptops 2017: Why Eluktronics N151RD1 Pro Premium

Most people are thunderstruck every time they are asked what laptop they need. The plethora of choices in the market today makes it even harder to pick one. Oftentimes, marketing lures you into needing something that you actually do not. Others would settle for mediocre brands because of the incredibly expensive price tag. This is […]


Top four best laptop under 500 dollars

Are you in the market for a great laptop for daily tasks with a budget of less than $500? With the advancement in technology, cheaper options are coming into the market giving consumers great laptop deals. This article has reviewed some of the best laptops on the market costing less than 500 dollars. Go through […]


5 Good Laptops Under 100 Dollars

The New Age calls for technology that is advanced and available at an attractive price point. And budget laptops under $100 are the perfect testimony to the same. Contrary to popular belief, these gadgets are easy on the wallet and deliver peak performance when you need it the most. In spite of being cheap, they […]


Top 10 Gaming Laptops Under 1000 of 2017

Gaming laptops, contrary to their name, are not just built with the purpose of delivering an immersive experience of gameplay. They can be used for varied purposes too, like word processing, simple internet browsing as well as creating 3D models, to name a few. These laptops are fully integrated media systems, moving seamlessly from movie […]