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Our top 5 picks for SSD 2.5” drives for your laptops and PCs this season

Solid State Drive (SSD) is considered the best storage device in this review perspective. Using a built-in power source, SSD does not require as much power as the HDD Box, and may also help retain the data in the case of power lost. These are the review of the SSD 2.5” drives that is suggested […]


Best DDR3 RAM for Desktop – Laptop 2018

Introduction Random Access Memory (RAM) can be a type of computer data storage space that you can use for supporting your computer’s performance. You can find several types of RAM units that are available for both desktop and laptop. This article is going to show you about top 6 DDR3 RAM units that you can […]


Prepare a memory card or USB storage

Although every memory card or USB storage with appropriate capacity also allows you to save the application, but first you need to format (format) it in the format / NTFS. To check whether the storage device is already formatted using NTFS or not in your memory card or USB drive into the computer or tablet, then […]


The Best Graphics Cards for Gaming

Advancements in the world of computers have led to the rise of a variety of top notch games that require the use of advanced graphics systems. The new and easy way to optimize these systems for a great gaming experience is through the use of best graphics cards for gaming. These cards are essential in the […]


Intel ticks all the right boxes with the new Core I7 6700K

Intel Core I7 6700K comes at a time when the users are really thirsty for an upgrade. While Intel released the 4th generation chips to desktops 2 years before, the 5th gen desktop chips were released around June of this year which has been quickly followed by the 6th generation chips, two months later. This […]