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Blender – 3D Design software for Free

Blender is fond of design software 3D graphics, not only helps you draw the eye-catching work but also can be used to set up a 3D film extravaganza. Discover the tools in Blender, determine the precise line drawings (from modeling to editing) is managed by the flexible user interface, clear. Gallery showing the best pictures […]


Panda Cloud Cleaner – Software to detect and remove viruses

Panda Cloud Antivirus Cleaner is an application using the cloud (Cloud) to detect and destroy all threats. The scanning process will be automated, users do not need to manipulate manually. With this feature, all of them can use Panda Cloud Cleaner easily. Once installed, you can scan the full computer. With Collective Intelligence technology (scanning […]


Polarity Chomre – High speed web browsing

Polarity is a friendly web browser with an intuitive interface that allows users to explore many different websites marked as favorites. This application is based on two browser technology, Trident and Chromium. This helps provide users a fast browsing experience and guaranteed. In the first use, Polarity will ask the user to choose the search […]


Intel Remote Keyboard – Computer control software remotely by smartphone

Intel Remote PC Keyboard Free software is a keyboard Android smartphone turns into a keyboard and computer mouse. With this software, users can fully use the keys as well as mouse control when using conventional computers. Just by connecting to Wi-Fi devices simultaneously in both android and PC, users can fully connect computers with Android […]