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Samsung Smart Switch – Transfer data to your Samsung Phone

Samsung Smart Switch is an application that helps you to import data from other mobile devices to their Samsung smart phone is easy and simple. If you’re switching to a Samsung phone, the backup operations, recovery and data transfer is indispensable. However, this problem can sometimes cause a lot of trouble for users. Foreseeing this […]


MyPhoneExplorer – Data Synchronization for Android

MyPhoneExplorer lets you manage your Sony Ericsson mobile phone from the host computer. A connection with MyPhoneExplorer will be set up very quickly, and this package will detect the device via USB cable, Bluetooth or WiFi. After synchronization, you can access everything from computers. Thus, MyPhoneExplorer provides you sync directly to Outlook address, GMail, Windows […]


BitTorrent Sync – Program directory synchronization

BitTorrent Sync can help you backup your data by synchronizing to many different computers. Also, users can enter a security code and start certain synchronize folders from one computer to another computer. Only those who have a new security code can access this information synchronized. SOME KEY FEATURES: Storage of personal information: synchronization with BitTorrent […]


Yunio – Gadgets share and synchronize files

Yunio is a shared utility and simple file synchronization that allows users to keep their data is always ready for use whenever they need. Besides, it also provides them with the ability to access lots of online storage space. The results, allowing them to share data with relatives and friends or synchronize files between multiple […]


Tapatalk for Windows 8.1 – News updates from many websites, online forums

Tapatalk for Windows 8.1 is a user-friendly applications and visually helps users stay up to date is the latest information on the forum / website online that I’m following. During the installation program, you will be offered an option to create an account using your email address Tapatalk or her Facebook account. This software will […]


DragonDisk-Manage your Amazon S3 account online store

DragonDisk management software is an effective files, enabling users to track and closely monitor information data contained in the accounts Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage service and other online store compatible with Amazon S3 API. This program can help you back up, share and organize data easily through an intuitive interface, similar to Windows Explorer […]


How to using Gamecaster XSplit?

Gamecaster XSplit help you classify and manage images taken during games easily. You can easily pick out his best play videos to share with friends and other gamers. How to transfer images gaming ? Step 1: Click on the corresponding option (Streaming) on ​​XSplit Gamecaster menu to use this feature. First, the program will be […]