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3D Cloud world and cloud computing today

Presently we’re within the decade of the Cloud, once we’re seeing a dimensional movement from a second on-prem world to a 3D Cloud world. Servers increasing to the final population Cloud rise higher than the virtualization alternative. equally nobody is bothered that servers square measure running within the Cloud no one is bothered the hypervisor, […]


Users can move applications on iOS to be Windows 8 and Windows 10

Application repository also “poverty” of the upcoming Windows will probably become richer thanks to the applications on the Apple Appstore. Microsoft has provided the programmer a conversion tool to do this. Link project is located at the bottom of the post! IOS app now can turn into App Windows 8/10 Upgrade to Windows 10 free […]


Microsoft – Windows Phone is slow dead

Many people give up Windows Phone app reasons. That makes this OS lagged behind compared to iOS and Android. In recent years, Microsoft’s operating system is no longer the focus of software development. Moreover, the advanced applications are gradually disappearing. American Airlines, Chase Bank, Bank of America, NBC, Pinterest and Kabam stopped their apps on […]


eM Client – Email software Multifunction

eM Client is the email app combines multiple functions. Besides email, the program also supports users with exciting features such as calendar, contact information and tasks. The interface of this software is neat and intuitive, you can set up a new account by entering your account, calendar and contact information, IMAP and SMTP information and […]


CloudMe – 3GB of Free storage

Cloud is a completely free service to store and easy to use the files in the cloud via the Blue Folder. When all the files stored in the cloud, you can access them via mobile phone and shared with friends quickly. CloudMe also helps you back up your important documents in case of computer incidents. […]


Tresorit – Storage, data synchronization online free

Tresorit synchronization software files secure cloud-based, easy to use, designed to help you share important data. Just put any file format into the folder Tresorit and they will automatically synchronize with any computer connected to the same account. The files are encrypted before uploading to the cloud, decoding function can only be performed when the […]